Lace Copperhead Signature Series Sensors Set

Lace Copperhead Signature Series Sensors

The second in a series of limited edition lace sensor sets of three.

Copperhead sensors unique features include: triple plated copper, radiant field barriers, Lace Micro Matrix comb and special see through covers for added visual value and uniqueness.

Copperheads also add an additional 30 micro sensing fields for added harmonics and greater sensing area.
Each set is numbered and signed by one of the Lace brothers – Don or Jeff.

- Triple-plated copper radient fields barriers & Lace Micro Matric comb
- 30 extra micro-sensing fields for extra harmonics / greater sensing area
- Inductance = 2.4 henries
- Peak Frequency = 3600
- Neck, Mid, Bridge = 5.8K-Ohms
- See-thru covers
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