Lava Clear Connect 12 ft Straight to Straight ¼" phone

Lava Clear Connect 12 ft Straight to Straight ¼” Phone

The Lava Clear Connect™ cable is designed to be the very best guitar and instrument cable on the market at an affordable price. It features G&H Industries solder-free Pure Plug™ and Clear Connect Technology™- a patented process where the connectors are high-pressure crimped onto the cable. As a result, the Lava Clear Connect™ Cable produces the purest signal path possible. At 26 pF per foot it’s capacitance has been designed in at the sweet spot for instrument cables. With a large outer diameter of .260”, 98% shielding, and 99.999% pure Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) for both the shield and conductor, it is a world-class cable capable of superb performance and durability in all situations. Made in U.S.A.


 99.999% pure OFC Copper, 19 Strands
 Foamed PE
 Conductive PVC
 98% coverage/99.999% pure OFC Braided Copper
Final jacket
 Matte PVC .305" Diameter
 21 pF/ft

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