Tonerider American Overdrive Effects Pedal

Tonerider American Overdrive Effects Pedal Designed By Brad Ferguson

American Overdrive - Tone Guide

With the American Overdrive we wanted to create the most versatile overdrive on the planet - a pedal that can work as a fat boost, a dynamic overdrive and powerful "tube-tone" style distortion effect. Please take time to listen to the soundfiles below to see the powerful effect the American Overdrive can have on your tone.


  • True bypass switching
  • Low-noise, all analog circuitry
  • Dynamic Tone Control
  • Tonerider Custom Enclosure
  • Takes industry-standard negative-center ground
  • Our custom rubber grip
  • All pots jacks and switches are "off-board" for increased reliability
  • Large, bright blue LED
  • Works as a boost, dynamic overdrive and distortion
  • Dimensions: 120mm * 67mm wide * 45 mm height

Fat Boost
Low gain setting provides a powerful boost whilst fattening your mid-range slightly and greatly increasing presence. This setting works best with tube amps, although solid state amps can benefit also :

LowGain1.mp3 LowGain2.mp3

Dynamic Overdrive
At medium gain settings, the American Overdrive really shines: it allows for the detail and dynamics in your playing to shine through. Push the strings hard to get some grind, and play lightly to keep things clean.

MediumGain1.mp3 MediumGain2.mp3

Higher Gain / Distortion
At higher gain settings the American Overdrive adds its own distortion to the mix, become a bit more of a rocker, and is a great choice for both single coil and humbucker equipped guitars that need a hot, dirty, grinding texan sound.

HighGain1.mp3 HighGain2.mp3

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