Tonerider British Distortion Effects Pedal

Tonerider British Distortion Effects Pedal Designed By Brad Ferguson.

British Distortion - Tone Guide

Devotees of classic British amps stand up and be counted! Our new British Distortion pedal offers guitarists the thick, rich, harmonic laden sound that launched a thousand bands. From crunchy rock tones at lower gain settings to searing sustain-drenched solo sounds when pushed to the max, the British Distortion will redefine your idea of what is possible to achieve without messy, hard-to-maintain tubes. Fed up with a dry, sterile distortion sound? Check out the soundfiles below to get an idea of what’s possible with the British Distortion.


  • True bypass switching
  • Low-noise, all analog circuitry
  • Dynamic Tone Control
  • Tonerider Custom Enclosure
  • Takes industry-standard negative-centre ground
  • Our custom rubber grip
  • All pots jacks and switches are "off-board" for increased reliability
  • Large, bright blue LED
  • Dimensions: 120mm * 67mm wide * 45 mm height

Low Gain Crunch
At low gain settings the British Distortion offers great crunchy rhythm tones, and tight blues-rock lead tones

LowGain1.mp3 LowGain2.mp3

Medium Gain Versatility
At medium gain settings, sustain starts to increase and the harmonic boost and warmth of the British Distortion starts to kick in.

MediumGain1.mp3 MediumGain2.mp3

High Gain Scream
Saturated tube-like tones come to the fore at high gain settings – sustain that lasts for days and incredible harmonics jump of the fret board. Think of any player that plays a British amp “cranked” to the max, and start playing.

HighGain1.mp3 HighGain2.mp3
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